Sara Nutritional Consulting Services

Reset, Reboot, Re-energize your body in 90 days.

RESET - We will work together with you to replace bad habits with good ones, and change your entire mindset!

REBOOT - We will show you how to start fresh, eat clean, and how to prepare healthy meals in less time than you may think!

RE-ENERGIZE - It's time to start a new lifestyle; to think more clearly and perform more productively. You will see a new version of you!


First. A full, 60 to 90 minute initial assessment to review.

  • your current level of nutrition knowledge
  • your relationship with food
  • and, your type of metabolism

After a thorough evaluation of your specific needs, we will then customize a comprehensive plan to help you achieve your health and nutritional goals.

Second. Eight (8) sessions of 35 minute personal check-ins one booked every two weeks to ensure you are on track. Continued follow-up is an important part of your success and includes printed reference material, meal planning, grocery shopping lists, a grocery shopping tour, plus tasty and delicious recipes for the entirety of the program!

The goal of this program is to optimise your metabolism, while teaching you how to make wiser, healthier decisions about your diet now and into the future


  • a personalized plan designed to suit each individual
  • encouraging you to start eating and enjoying a wide variety of fresh and unprocessed foods
  • personal consultations with Sara that will provide encouragement, support, and feedback; all designed to increase your chance of success.
  • management of blood glucose levels
  • it will teach great eating habits
  • and, you will feel more energetic and healthier without pills, without cravings, and without pangs of hunger.

To learn more about my services, contact me and book 30 min free consultation